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A History of Everything – Drum Theatre

Posted by on 17/04/2012 • Categorised in Theatre

A history of everything in less than two hours sounds adventurous and it was…

That the theatre was less than a quarter full was a shame as this small band of multi cultural, multi talented actors did indeed treat the audience to an amazing, if hurried history of everything and their play deserves to be seen by full houses every night.

From the simple explanation of how the story was to be told to the last flicker of light the time passed in admiration for the skill of the actors and the incredible talents of the prop department!

To pick out a star of the show would be impossible however to not mention a few extra special moments would be remiss:

–          The Egyptians

–          The apes

–          The many faces of American presidents all played by an Australian woman

–          The Queen of England played by a bespectacled, bearded man

–          The eerily quiet and very effective bombing of Hiroshima

–          Venus de Milo ‘baring’ an uncanny resemblance

References to everyday events occurring in Plymouth (or one presumes whichever town they are performing in) mixed with truly staggering facts, world events, trivia and personal information about the actors works well. There is something for everyone and just the right amount of humour perhaps most evident when the audience recognises, with some embarrassment , the futility of celebrity information.

The prevalence of war is staggering and the reminder of mans inhumanity to man runs throughout the first 2,500 years.

Going further back in time brings some of the more imaginative and unique moments accompanied by a variety of synthasized music which on occasions was somewhat overbearing.

The finale was utter simplicity, and explosive, no further detail , not wishing to give anything away suffice to say it works.

The director upholds the premises  of the theatre company “to open up theatre to the variable expectations and tastes of a wide and diverse audience” and the proof of that was certainly in the reaction of the small, diverse and hugely appreciative audience that witnessed this amazing performance tonight in Plymouth.

A History of Everything is at the Drum Theatre until the 28th April 2012 for more information or to book tickets please click here

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