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Link to Rage – Three Minute Theatre, Manchester

Rage – Three Minute Theatre, Manchester

4/17/14 •

April marks two very unfortunate anniversaries on the USA’s calendar. On April 20th the world remembers the day when in 1999, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold entered their high school in Columbine, killing twelve of their fellow students and one teacher. On April 16th 2007, Seung-Hui Cho shot a total of 32 staff and students [...]

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The Events – Northern Stage, Newcastle
Link to The Events – Northern Stage, Newcastle

4/17/14 •

The Events: A generic term that does not provide us with much information. In fact, it doesn’t provide us with any information at all. And this was what Claire, a priest, was trying to decipher, after a character known only as The Boy disrupted her choir practice with gunfire. She was trying to find out [...]

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The Good (Inte)review – Warwick Davis
Link to The Good (Inte)review – Warwick Davis

3/14/14 •

Alright Warwick. Thank you for taking the time to talk to The Good Review. No problem. See How They Run (the classic British farce by Philip King),is Reduced Height Theatre Company’s first production and a bit of a dream come true for you. How’s it all been going? It’s been going really, really, well. I’m delighted with [...]

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The Prince of the Pagodas – Theatre Royal Plymouth
Link to The Prince of the Pagodas – Theatre Royal Plymouth

3/20/14 •

WOW – What a treat! Not a familiar ballet to most, myself included, ‘The Prince of the Pagodas’ has been reworked by David Bintley, Birmingham Royal Ballet’s director. Originally based upon the traditional fairy tale, Bintley’s variation focuses on the power of family love rather than the typical boy meets girl storyline. Set in Japan, [...]

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