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Link to The Funfair – HOME Theatre, Manchester

The Funfair – HOME Theatre, Manchester

5/22/15 •

The lobby, bar and restaurant are full to bursting this evening; people spill into the courtyard and the fizz of anticipation fills the air.  The crowd are dressed to come-see and be seen, to mingle with the vibrant energy surrounding HOME at the moment, in Manchester’s blossoming arts community. It is impossible to ignore the […]

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Wanderlust – Derby Guildhall Theatre
Link to Wanderlust – Derby Guildhall Theatre

5/18/15 •

“No two stories are ever the same – that’s the story of the game” Wanderlust presented by The Gramophones Theatre Company, is an uplifting theatrical journey both emotional and comedic, which interweaves real life stories together. Kirsty Guest, Hannah Stone and Ria Ashcroft are women with boxes full of stories to share. The stories they […]

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The Good Inte(review) – Caroline Horton
Link to The Good Inte(review) – Caroline Horton

3/12/15 •

Hello Caroline. Thank you for taking the time to talk to The Good Review. Penelope Retold was very well received when it premiered at Derby Theatre in February 2014. How has it evolved since then? We’re just working on it again at the moment, so it hasn’t as such yet. We’ve got a few new […]

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Tracey-Ann Thompson – The Good Reviewer
Link to Tracey-Ann Thompson – The Good Reviewer

4/29/15 •

I thought it only right to say a few words about our departing Northern editor Tracey-Ann Thompson, who for the past two (or three) years has worked tirelessly to develop links and relationships across the area and who has filled the pages of the site with such enthusiasm and wit. She isn’t dead or anything, merely […]

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