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Link to Kiss Me Quickstep – Oldham Coliseum

Kiss Me Quickstep – Oldham Coliseum

4/25/16 •

Luka’s eyes light up as he enters the ‘Holy Grail’ of dancing, Blackpool’s Empress Ballroom. He is soon joined by Nancy, his new partner. She found him on line and her dad Mick has organised and paid for his visa and airfare to come over from Moscow to the mecca of the dancing world. We […]

Latest Theatre

The Brink – Orange Tree Theatre
Link to The Brink – Orange Tree Theatre

4/16/16 •

So much to enjoy and appreciate about this exciting new play by Brad Birch. The writer, recipient of the Harold Pinter Commission at the Royal Court, has something captivatingly original and off-kilter in his voice. And the intimacy of the Orange Tree makes it perfect for this piece, Hyemi Shin’s stylishly sparse design delivering optimum […]

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The Good (Inte)review – Brenda Edwards
Link to The Good (Inte)review – Brenda Edwards

8/27/15 •

I spoke to Brenda in May during early preparations for her role as Motormouth Maybelle in the national tour of Hairspray, which opens at the Leicester Curve on 9th September. Full tour details can be found on the website at   Hi Brenda. Thank you for taking the time to talk to The Good […]

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The Good (P)review – Inkheart – HOME Theatre
Link to The Good (P)review – Inkheart – HOME Theatre

11/24/15 •

Manchester’s Central Library is a tourist destination in its own right these days but to have the Reading Room all to ourselves for a preview of Inkheart (HOME Theatre’s first ever Christmas production) is very special indeed.  It’s an apt choice of venue as the play revolves around Mo, played by Paul McEwan, and his […]

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