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Link to Best of BE Festival – HOME, Manchester

Best of BE Festival – HOME, Manchester

10/20/14 •

On it’s third stop of a citywide journey, HOME invited us to experience the front lines of Europe’s theatre scene with a tasting platter from Birmingham’s BE Festival. Housed in an office block on First Street, overlooking the soon-to-be HOME venue, this is pop up theatre on a higher plane. Audience enter into a lounge [...]

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Juke Box Baby – Salford Arts Theatre
Link to Juke Box Baby – Salford Arts Theatre

10/20/14 •

1956 Theatre are in the midst of a small season of repertory theatre at the Salford Arts Theatre, performing four plays in the space of four weeks, all either written or adapted for the stage by members of the company. It’s an ambitious and welcome project. Juke Box Baby is the second play in the [...]

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The Good (Inte)review – Megan Marie Griffith
Link to The Good (Inte)review – Megan Marie Griffith

9/14/14 •

Writer: Steven Ireland Contact Compacts returns to the Contact Theatre this September, showcasing short plays from up-and-coming North West writing talent. It is the brainchild of Pull Your Finger Out Production, a Manchester-based theatre company. TGR’s Steven Ireland sat down with Megan Marie Griffith, PYFO’s Executive Producer, to find out a little more about this [...]

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Full Disclosure – The Good Review
Link to Full Disclosure – The Good Review

10/07/14 •

So, I once thought that association with this website would count against me in whatever convoluted worlds I travelled to as an actor. I thought that I may offend a director or unwittingly criticise an actor I would later work with and admire. So I adopted a pen name, “Kieran James”, which has served me [...]

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