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Crack in Progress – Edinburgh Fringe

8/11/16 •

There are some performers that, no matter their onstage choices, are magnetic. The like-ability is such that regardless of the show’s subject matter, of how far you have to suspend your disbelief, you leave with a huge smile on your face bouncing down the road like Maria Von Trapp on a space hopper. Lucy Pearman […]

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Lunch – Edinburgh Fringe
Link to Lunch – Edinburgh Fringe

8/11/16 •

Lunch with Luke Courtier proves a delicious affair. If your idea of musical comedy is jazz hands, ukeleles and sparkly waistcoats…….well you’re correct, for the most part. But sometimes at the fringe you stumble across an act who has taken the genre and owned it; ‘Blam!’ did it for physical theatre, and Nick Mohammad’s ‘Mr […]

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The Good (Inte)review – Kevin Oliver Jones
Link to The Good (Inte)review – Kevin Oliver Jones

6/05/16 •

I spoke to Musical Director and performer Kevin Oliver Jones in the run up to The Who Sensation rocking up in Derby on the 2nd June. The show is touring until 3rd July and full details can be found on the website Hello Kevin. How’s your day so far? Good thank you. Busy singing…so […]

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Theatre Legends – Podcast Review
Link to Theatre Legends – Podcast Review

8/03/16 •

Please forgive me as I dust the cobwebs from my typing fingers. It has been some time since I wrote a review of anything, but the recent introduction of a small mammalian baby into my household has provided me with far more artistic hurdles than previously encountered. How convenient that during my “resting” period I should […]

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