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Link to The Rivals – Arcola Theatre

The Rivals – Arcola Theatre

10/23/14 •

Good God there are a lot of words in this play. And many of them are sublime. Richard Brinsley Sheridan’s The Rivals has haunted me since GCSE English, it was one of those texts that your teacher understood far better than you could ever hope to and though her passion was evident the imaginative mapping [...]

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Watching Goldfish Suffocate – Great Northern Playhouse, Manchester
Link to Watching Goldfish Suffocate – Great Northern Playhouse, Manchester

10/23/14 •

Vertigo Productions, the prolific Manchester based fringe company’s latest offering, Watching Goldfish Suffocate, at the ingenious pop-up space Great Northern Playhouse is the perfect example of how to present a raw, compelling, white-knuckle piece of theatre. Craig Hepworth holds no punches in his direction of this production, which originally started as a one-man show earlier [...]

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The Good (Inte)review – Megan Marie Griffith
Link to The Good (Inte)review – Megan Marie Griffith

9/14/14 •

Writer: Steven Ireland Contact Compacts returns to the Contact Theatre this September, showcasing short plays from up-and-coming North West writing talent. It is the brainchild of Pull Your Finger Out Production, a Manchester-based theatre company. TGR’s Steven Ireland sat down with Megan Marie Griffith, PYFO’s Executive Producer, to find out a little more about this [...]

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Grupo Corpo – Theatre Royal Plymouth
Link to Grupo Corpo – Theatre Royal Plymouth

10/23/14 •

A show that you would perhaps over look when browsing through the ‘What’s On’ guide but which actually was a mesmerising, hypnotic sound and visual experience which I would highly recommend you give a go! Brazil’s internationally acclaimed dance company Grupo Corpo combine the precision of classical ballet with the sensuality and passion of Latin [...]

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