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Link to Dead To Me – Northern Stage, Newcastle

Dead To Me – Northern Stage, Newcastle

10/02/14 •

Just because you believe in something does not make it so. If you ever find yourself clutching at straws to hide your insecurities, then Gary Kitching’s (in association with Greyscale) Dead To Me at Northern Stage is the play for you. Two characters are living on two completely different levels, and suddenly find themselves connected [...]

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Money: The Game Show – Queens Hall Hexham
Link to Money: The Game Show – Queens Hall Hexham

9/30/14 •

They say that money is a game and a dangerous game at that. Full of loan sharks, bears and hunters; it’s a blood-thirsty world out there in the financial climate as we learn in Unlimited Theatre’s production of Money: The Game Show. Written by Clare Duffy, Money: The Game Show follows two characters, Casino and [...]

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The Good (Inte)review – Megan Marie Griffith
Link to The Good (Inte)review – Megan Marie Griffith

9/14/14 •

Writer: Steven Ireland Contact Compacts returns to the Contact Theatre this September, showcasing short plays from up-and-coming North West writing talent. It is the brainchild of Pull Your Finger Out Production, a Manchester-based theatre company. TGR’s Steven Ireland sat down with Megan Marie Griffith, PYFO’s Executive Producer, to find out a little more about this [...]

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Rambert Featuring Rooster – Theatre Royal Plymouth
Link to Rambert Featuring Rooster – Theatre Royal Plymouth

9/28/14 •

Rambert began the evening with Lucinda Childs’ Four Elements. As the title suggests the work falls into four sections: Water, Earth, Air and Fire danced to Gavin Bryars’ unsettling score. The artistic, styled backdrops were mirrored in tartan, playing card, domino and skeleton patterned costumes. Water begins and is slow with elegant, repetitive movements of [...]

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