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Link to 1984 – Playhouse Theatre

1984 – Playhouse Theatre

6/19/15 •

Following their acclaimed run at The Playhouse in 2014, Headlong Productions are back in 2015 with their titillating spin on Orwell’s dystopian masterpiece. This production’s fresh take on the novel continues to impress. The notion of a group of historians analysing Winston’s diary as a piece of possible historical fiction offers a clever and refreshing […]

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Kafka’s Monkey – HOME Theatre
Link to Kafka’s Monkey – HOME Theatre

6/19/15 •

To begin with you think this show is about Red Peter, a chimpanzee stolen from the African jungle who then eschews his ape nature and learns to be ‘human’ in a bid to escape the inhumane living conditions aboard his captors’ ship. He discovers and extraordinary talent for it and five years later he is […]

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The Good Inte(review) – Caroline Horton
Link to The Good Inte(review) – Caroline Horton

3/12/15 •

Hello Caroline. Thank you for taking the time to talk to The Good Review. Penelope Retold was very well received when it premiered at Derby Theatre in February 2014. How has it evolved since then? We’re just working on it again at the moment, so it hasn’t as such yet. We’ve got a few new […]

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Tracey-Ann Thompson – The Good Reviewer
Link to Tracey-Ann Thompson – The Good Reviewer

4/29/15 •

I thought it only right to say a few words about our departing Northern editor Tracey-Ann Thompson, who for the past two (or three) years has worked tirelessly to develop links and relationships across the area and who has filled the pages of the site with such enthusiasm and wit. She isn’t dead or anything, merely […]

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