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Link to Moving Stateside – Plymouth Theatre Royal

Moving Stateside – Plymouth Theatre Royal

3/26/15 •

The BRB return to Plymouth with their first programme of the year,’ Moving Stateside’. This is a stunning triple bill which opens with Serenade. Considered one of most influential choreographers of classical ballet, this piece was George Balanchine’s first original ballet creation after moving from Russia to the USA. Devised in 1934 and named after […]

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Anna Karenina – Royal Exchange, Manchester
Link to Anna Karenina – Royal Exchange, Manchester

3/25/15 •

There are so many interlinking characters in Anna Karenina, that I did play with the idea of drawing a spider diagram to show all the connections. But that’s not to say that this is an overwhelming play in a negative sense. Indeed, this is a very clear, engaging, and in places electric production of Tolstoy’s […]

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The Good Inte(review) – Caroline Horton
Link to The Good Inte(review) – Caroline Horton

3/12/15 •

Hello Caroline. Thank you for taking the time to talk to The Good Review. Penelope Retold was very well received when it premiered at Derby Theatre in February 2014. How has it evolved since then? We’re just working on it again at the moment, so it hasn’t as such yet. We’ve got a few new […]

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Unseen Artists – The Lighting and Set Designer
Link to Unseen Artists – The Lighting and Set Designer

3/23/15 •

Is it me, or does the world seem a little brighter today? Probably because we’re featuring a lighting designer as this week’s Unseen Artist. And he’s worked with a playwright whose name you may recognise… Name and Profession Ciaran Bagnall, Lighting and Set Designer What’s your background, how did you get into this profession? I first started […]

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